[LAB] GALAX HOF OC Lab Tempest D4-5000C19


Today we receive a DDR4 RAM kit from Galax. We talked about it in this brief and as expected, it is not just any kit, it is THE DDR4 kit launched by Galax to end the DDR4 era in style! That’s right, we bought a HOF OC Lab Tempest D4-5000C19 kit from Galax. The ultimate DDR4 kit but also the ultimate HOF OC Lab kit for Galax in DDR4 with only 100 copies on sale. We are here on a kit of 2x 8 GB in Single Rank on a PCB A2. The Hong Kong brand announces an XMP at 5000 Mt/s with timings in CL19-28-48 and a voltage of 1.6V. We received a package directly from Galax this day. The packaging is very good. We know right away that we are not on a RAM kit like the others. The two memory sticks are displayed through a glass window with the plate indicating the number of this kit in the foreground. Number 69 out of 100 here.

In the box we find the two 8GB memory sticks and the identification plate.

Close up of this ultimate Galax DDR4 kit

As we can see, this kit has a family resemblance with the last HOF OC Lab Elite because of its size and its geometrical patterns. But here we have the right to relief and a design very inspired by the backplates of RTX 3000 of the series HOF OC Lab of the brand.

On the cooling side, we are on an all-aluminum system fixed with two screws and whose contact with the chips is provided by thermal pads.

To finish on the physical plan of this kit, we are on a black 10-layer PCB type A2. The chips used are Samsung Bdie, handpicked to ensure the best overclocking capabilities we can hope for.

All that remains is to test this kit. It will be supported by an i9 11900k and an Asus Z590 APEX to get the most out of it. Don’t miss the full test to learn more! As a reminder, this RAM kit is available for €503.31 ($399 + $39 shipping + €96 customs). But it will soon be out of stock!