Intel’s future Alder Lake computers even more greedy?


According to the figures obtained by Fcpowerup, the Alder Lake range will be more power-hungry than the existing 10th and 11th generation processors. As a result, the TDPs are soaring… While Alder Lake will be for the first time in a long time, a CPU engraved in something other than 14nm at Intel, the switch to 10nm Enhanced SuperFin does not really seem to benefit the consumption of this new generation.

Engraving down, power consumption up: A TDP of 165W for Alder Lake!

According to the power requirements table (PSU 12V2), Intel Alder Lake-S processors will be available in four TDP segments: 35,65,125 and 165W.

Alder lake TDP

So it looks like the power demand, based on these numbers, would increase by 50-100W for the 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors. This is the peak power demanded during the boost clock peaks (Power Limit 4) which have a duration of less than 10 ms. The existing Core i9-11900K has a PL2 (Tier 2) rating of 250W and we have seen the first ES variants of the Alder Lake (non-K) processors already with PL2 ratings of 228W, so we can expect more than 250W of PL2 ratings for the higher ones.

CPu TDP up

AMD with a TDP of 170W under Zen 4?

However, to all those who will be offended by such figures (the 165W TDP segment is clearly a novelty for consumer CPUs), let’s remember that with Zen 4, yet in 5nm, it seems that AMD will introduce CPUs with a TDP of 170W… So one thing is certain, AIO manufacturers and other advanced cooling systems have a great future ahead of them.

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