Intel will never let AMD pass again


Intel’s CEO has once again made a bold statement (a little jab at AMD) in a short video posted on LinkedIn. Some people are already shocked by the “cash” side of Pat Gelsinger’s new release, but in our case, we have to admit that we like the character, which contrasts with years of CEOs with accounting profiles, boring as death. With Alder Lake […] AMD is in the rear view mirror […] and we will never let it go past.

In one year, Gelsinger has shaken up Intel like never before

It has been just one year since Pat Gelsinger returned to Intel. In that time, he’s certainly shaken things up a lot. The company has launched several key product lines, the most important being the Alder Lake processors. Obviously, these products were already in the design phase well before the arrival of the new CEO, but we must still attribute to him a real cultural revolution within the company in one year. As we have all seen, the Alder Lake range has received several positive reviews from the community and AMD seems to be slow to react, going through a kind of air gap. The coming year will also be interesting with many interesting things to come like ARC GPUs and the rollout of the IDM 2.0 strategy wanted by the new CEO. So Pat’s attitude, which we will find at best voluntaristic and at worst shocking, may offend some. But with him, Intel has regained an ambition. It is warlike, brutal, often without finesse… American. But for the moment, the character has been able to put actions in front of his words. So we can’t wait to see how Intel will behave on graphics cards to make sure that Pat is not just a loudmouth.

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