Intel Sierra Forest: 144 cores and 108 MB cache


A few hours ago, we were talking about AMD’s domination of Intel’s Xeon chips, which is set to last for a few months… But the blues seem to be speeding up, and a leak about Intel’s next Xeon Sierra Forest processors emerged today. We have information on two future Xeon chips: a 96-core processor and a 144-core processor. Both have a TDP of 350 W. In terms of memory, the 96-core version features 72 MB of L3, while the larger 144-core version boosts L3 up to 108 MB.


Sierra Forest is part of Intel’s 5th-generation Xeon family , and will be produced using the Intel 3 process. Its largest version will feature 144 Crestmont “E” cores . Intel’s aim with these future processors is to regain the upper hand in the face of the growing number of Arm processors in the cloud segment. For AMD ,the Epyc Bergamo chipset will be the closest competitor.

Rumor has it that a joint platform from Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids (Birch Stream) will take care of these monsters. This platform will feature socket LGA 7529, the largest x86 server socket to date. It appears that this socket will have a power ceiling of 500 W.