Intel: Laptop graphics cards to be unveiled on March 30


It’s now official, Intel will show its next Alchemist graphics cards for laptops on March 30th!

Intel Arc A370M : first mobile DGPU from Intel

We are finally there, after years of development and the announcement of the company’s return to the graphics card sector, the brand will unveil its first dedicated mobile GPU on March 30 at an event.

Intel Arc event

At the event named: A New Stage of the Game, Intel will unveil its first dedicated graphics card for laptops named A370M, a card that should embark 128 EU and promises up to 2 times more performance compared to Intel iGPU. Intel Arc event

According to the brand, the A370M would be 2 times more powerful than an Intel iGPU with 96 EU, on the game Exodus metro

in 1080p and in medium quality. In addition to the raw performance, technologies such as XeSS (competitor of DLSS and FSR) or Deep Link (allowing to combine the performance of DGPU and iGPU) will be unveiled at the same time.

The late arrival of Alchemist graphics cards and the priority given to laptops would confirm the rumors of a Q2/Q3 launch of GPUs on desktops, which would place them almost in competition with the next generations of AMD and Nvidia expected for the end of the year.