Intel in Europe: the consolation prizes


While Intel was supposed to announce the location of its future production unit in Europe in the last quarter of 2021, the Americans have decided to prolong the suspense. In fact, as we have known for some time, Germany has won the contract after intense lobbying. Thus, most of the European aid will be concentrated in this country where the production will be located. However, in order to protect certain sensitivities (particularly those of the largest contributors), France and Italy were able to obtain a consolation prize. This situation is only in the interest of France (and incidentally Italy) which will present this operation as a victory when it takes the presidency of the union and the European Commissioner in charge of negotiations was a Frenchman.

Intel in Europe: Germany has long locked in the deal

According to the latest rumors, France should host a research and design center, probably located in Grenoble. Italy will host a test and assembly plant. Intel’s goal is to make sure that public money in the form of tax breaks and subsidies that Europe will pay, will not be blocked by some members of the union. By spreading out Intel’s expenses, Gelsinger seems to want to make sure that no European country tries to oppose central funding to alleviate an investment of several billion.


Intel has already opened R&D centers in France…before closing them

The German regions of Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria are in the running for the new Fab. This is where most of the investment will take place, with infrastructures planned for the long term. As far as the “research center” in France is concerned, the most optimistic will see it as an investment in the future and in grey matter, while others will remember that Intel has already set up this type of facility in France with the help of public funds, only to close them down unilaterally . The factories and infrastructures remain, the rest is another story.

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