Intel graphics card: already above a 3070Ti?


A priori, an Arc Alchemist graphics card from Intel has been spotted on the SiSoftware website. The information posted about the card shows that it has 4096 cores based on the Intel DG2-512EU GPU version. This card was tested on a Coffee Lake-S desktop platform, so it is indeed a desktop graphics card and not a portable version.

Carte graphique Intel

Intel graphics card: a competitive model on the high end?

The other information concerns the frequency, displayed at 2.1Ghz without being able to determine if it is the base speed or the boost speed. What emerges from this leak is that through SiSoft’s tools, the tested card got a better score than an RTX 3070 Ti. With a score of 9017.52 Mpix/s, it is 7.7% faster than the NVIDIA card which gets 8369.51 Mpix/s.

Intel-Xe-HPG-DG2 This information leads to several questions:

  • If the displayed frequency is real, then this card should progress further as most information confirms that the card should be clocked at 2.5 GHz in boost.
  • The tested version could be a reference design which implies that the custom models could go even further.
  • In these conditions, the performance should be around an RTX 3080 and we understand better the agitation of Nvidia around the 3070 Ti and 3080 “v2”.

The latest information speaks of an arrival of ARC cards in the first quarter. However, in the last few weeks, other leaks have been suggesting that the laptop versions will arrive first and the desktop cards later in the year…

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