Intel goes annoncing the Core i9-12900KS


It is through social networks that Intel has just almost officialized the upcoming arrival of the i9-12900KS. This variation was until now a rumor but it could be that the blue unveil this ultimate version in the coming hours at CES. In perspective, a CPU capable of reaching 5.5Ghz in boost.

i9-12900KS In its message Intel inflates the pecs and announces that it has the best CPUs available today and that the next step is the 5.5Ghz. This subliminal message and the screenshot integrated in the tweeter post inevitably bring us back to the 12900KS which has been rumored since December. For the record, this cpu would only be a “classic” version of the 12900K but having benefited from a binning to select the cream of the CPUs in this version. The current 12900K can boost to 5.2Ghz max, a 300Mhz gain should greatly improve the performance of this new top of the line which is likely to be as expensive as exclusive. We are also waiting to see if the CPU in question will be able to hold 5Ghz on all cores. It is likely that this announcement, if confirmed, will focus the performance of this 12900KS on games, a field where AMD will try to regain control by presenting its Zen3D almost at the same time