Intel boosts the AI performance of its A770!


If Intel’s Arc A770 can’t compete with top-of-the-range AMD and NVIDIA cards in gaming, AI seems to be an area of use where the card seems to excel. Indeed, with optimized drivers in this field, we could have some formidable cards in this environment. Over time, the blueprints have managed to double the performance of its models, according to ITHome!

Arc A770, a formidable AI card?

Intel Arc A770 performance IAFrom what we’ve learned, Intel is working in collaboration with Microsoft to integrate optimizations for Direct ML (a library for hardware acceleration in connection with machine learning) into their driver. Clearly, this is reflected in performance, which has increased by a factor of 2.7 over time! This performance gain can also be seen on Olive, an open-source tool supporting models such as Stability AI, Stable Diffusion XL or Meta’s Llama 2.

What we’re not told, however, is where the blue card stands up against the competition. It’s one thing to say that performance has been doubled, but without any concrete value behind it, it’s hard to say just how encouraging these results are. If we’ve gone from 10 mins to less than 5 mins to generate an image, that’s not bad, and let’s hope the competition doesn’t take 2!

These optimizations benefit not only the A770, but also the other cards in the range. And the same applies to the iGPUs of future Meteor Lake CPUs!