Intel Arc : the prices of the A770 16Gb and A750 known !


The Intel Arc epic continues as the blue guys announce new prices for their graphics cards. After announcing its Arc 770 8GB at a price of $329, the brand announces the price of the 16GB version and the Arc A750!

Intel Arc: the price of the 7 series cards now known !

Intel Arc A770 Prix Let’s get to the heart of the matter: the prices of the other cards of the Intel 7 series. As we already know, the 8GB A770 was announced at $329, which is the same price as the NVIDIA RTX 3060 . The 16GB version of the card is not much more expensive as it is only $20 more than the other version. As you can see, the price is $349 for a doubled amount of memory, but a bit slower.

The other model we are interested in here is the Arc A750, the model just below the A770. As a reminder, the card offers a GPU based on the one of its big sister: the ACM-G10. However, it is also slightly neutered since it loses 4 Xe cores. It has 28 Xe core, 448 XMX engine and 3584 FP32 cores. Similarly, the GPU will be a little slower with a frequency of 2050 MHz against 2100 MHz. Finally, the memory part displays 8 GB of GDDR6 clocked at 16 Gbps with a bus of 256 bits (512 GB / s bandwidth). In short, its selling price is $289, or $30 less than the A770 in 8 GB!

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Intel Arc A750 prix Now we just have to see what the performance will be. Let’s remember that the blues position their A770 right in front of the RTX 3060 with RayTracing performance announced as being superior. If the price doesn’t go through the roof, it could be a good deal if you want to buy a mid-range card… But let’s wait for the tests. Let’s also remember the launch date, October 12th!