In Germany, the future Intel Fab raises doubts


As we know, after a tour worthy of a Telethon 3.0, the boss of Intel was able to collect quite a bit of money from European authorities to set up a factory. After intense German lobbying, the ‘choice’ of location for this future factory was made in the vicinity of Magdeburg. But for some time now, it is in Germany itself that questions and even doubts have been raised about this project. It is true that since its official announcement, Intel has indicated that more money will be needed to complete the budget… In these times of crisis, this new request for a handout does not seem to be well received.

Intel factory Europe
Intel’s choices in Europe revolve around a Fab in Germany

Intel Fab in Germany: criticism fuelled by the crisis?

Criticism focuses on the choice of the Magdeburg site. The location is controversal, as it is considered insufficiently attractive to appeal the necessary jobs. First of all, there is a lack of infrastructure (including a rail connection ) which raises questions about the connection of the factory with the rest of Intel’s future locations, particularly in France and Italy. In addition, the attractiveness for future employees seems to be hampered by the lack of schools, living space and leisure activities in the area.

intel germany
Projection of the Fab in Germany ( Intel image )

This controversy is surprising considering that the project is still far from being built and that the infrastructure has obviously not yet been designed. Moreover, although Magdeburg is not a dream city, it is by no means worse off than many other German cities. However, it must be said that a sharp criticism of the Intel project is gaining momentum locally. Professor Reint Gropp, President of the Institute for Economic Research in Halle and Professor of Economics at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, considers that subsidies of at least 10 billion euros are being “thrown out of the window“. This puts the German local authorities in a difficult position as the funding for the project is expected to increase…

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