Hyte Q60 : a watercooling kit with a large lcd screen!


After the enclosures, the Hyte brand is now tackling the AIO watercooling kit market. The first of these is the Q60, a 240 mm model featuring a large screen on top of the pump!

Q60: Hyte’s AIO with a large screen on the pump!

Hyte Q60The product features a very thick AIO. Indeed, the kit is topped by two 32 mm-thick fans coupled with a 52 mm-thick radiator. Clearly, this is not the kind of kit that will fit into every case, given the considerable thickness of the whole unit.

As for the pump, we’re treated to a large 5″ diagonal 720p (720×1280) IPS screen. But that’s not all: the rear is covered with a grid of aRGB diodes – 42, to be precise – that can be customized using the brand’s Nexus software.

As for the ventilation, it connects directly to the radiator via a Nexus Link Type M connector. The mills are made from liquid-crystal polymer, for maximum rigidity. Otherwise, we learn that they operate from 500 RPM to 2000 RPM. For the moment, nothing is said about air flow or static pressure.

All we know is that prices will be very high. The AIO alone will cost $299, compared with $79.99 for the three-fan pack.