Hyte launches its Y40 Snow White – all white, no black!


Hyte unveils a new version of its Y40, now in full white. Indeed, the brand’s case is now available in a totally white version, without an ounce of black… Well, except on the PCIe riser cables!

Y40 Snow White, the all-white version of the Y40!

Hyte Y40 Snow WhiteUntil now, Hyte’s Y40 has been available in three colors. Black, black/white and red/black. However, as lovers of all-white may be disappointed, the brand is now offering an all-white “Snow White” version… Only the riser cables remain black, which isn’t really a big deal, given that a graphics card will be installed in front of them.

Otherwise, with this case, the brand offers us an original reference capable of accommodating an ATX motherboard. The CPU cooler is an imposing 183 mm high, while the power supply is 224 mm deep. As for the graphics card, it must be mounted vertically via a pre-installed riser. The graphics card has four expansion slots and is 422 mm deep. There are also seven half-height slots.

Basic cooling includes two 120 mm fans, expandable to seven. Watercooling radiator support extends to 360 mm at the top and 280 mm at the side.

Pricing is officially $149.99. In practical terms, this means a case that will cost between €170 and €200, depending on the store and the color.

Here’s the Hyte datasheet!

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