HOME: a new range of Noctua products for the office!


With its HOME range, Noctua offers a whole series of accessories for using the brand’s fans outside the PC domain. For example, the NF-A12x25 can be used as a desk fan or to cool other electronic devices!

HOME: Noctua goes desktop cooling!

Noctua HomeThis product range now offers a number of accessories for using fans outside traditional PC use. As you can see, the NV-FM1 bracket is compatible with 120/140 mm windmills. Then, to channel the airflow, the NV-AA1-12 is proposed. It simply mounts onto the fan. Alternatively, the turnkey NV-FS1 solution is directly available.

For electrical connection, the brand offers NV-PS1 adapters for converting 230V AC to 12V DC. Various plug adapters are also supplied: EU/US/UK. Of course, a hub for eight fans(NV-FH2) can also be connected, either on its own or with the mains adapter(NV-SPH1).

Last but not least, there are various pads and glides for using fans on different devices. With the NV-MPG1-12, the mills can be mounted on a TV amp, box or game console, for example. And with the NV-MPP1, the fans can be positioned underneath. Alternatively, there’s a pre-assembled set in the form of the NV-SF2 with an NF-A12x25 fan coupled to a grille, NV-MPP1 and NV-MPG1-12 pads and the necessary electrical connections.

In short, is this a good idea? Good question, in the meantime, the brand’s fans have already been used in similar hand-made devices.