He’s cooking a gingerbread graphics board!


Another modding user has cooked up a tasty graphics card. On Reddit, user @MazzDaPanda has created a gingerbread replica of an HD 6870. He has reproduced a mono-fan model from PowerColor!

HD 6870: PowerColor’s gingerbread replica!

As you can see, the Redditer has reproduced every part of the board, from the shell to the heat sink and PCB. We can see that he’s gone right down to the details, reproducing the GPU, memory chips and power supply stages. You can even count the number of memory chips, as well as the various VRM components… What’s more, it’s in 1/1 scale!

As for the radiator, you can imagine that it’s impossible to reproduce the exact number of aluminum fins. However, it’s a good idea, especially as the three gingerbread heat pipes are there, and even the PCIe bracket is reproduced!

Carte graphique pain d'épice

As for the shell, a topping is used to reproduce its various shapes. The same applies to the HD 6870 marking. Just goes to show, hardware isn’t just a serious business subject, it can also be a tasty one! 🤤