Heatspreader v1 : un IHS custom par Thermal Grizzly !


A new product from Thermal Grizzly: the Heatspreader V1, a customized IHS for Intel processors with socket LGA-1700. According to the brand’s in-house tests, significant temperature gains are up for grabs!

Heatspreader v1: a custom IHS from Thermal Grizzly!

Thermal Grizzly Heatspreader v1As you can see, this custom IHS replaces Intel’s original capsule, which is clearly out of date. What’s more, it acts as a contact frame, fitting directly onto the motherboard socket locking mechanism. Of course, it is designed for delid processors… Which means a complete loss of Intel’s warranty… And, by the way, of the motherboard. Indeed, changing the locking mechanism is considered a hardware modification, which manufacturers don’t really like.

Once in place, this IHS offers a very large contact surface with your cooling system. The brand claims an increased surface area of 207%… At the same time, it’s not just the equivalent of the IHS that comes into contact with the cooling system, but the equivalent of the entire socket surface!

In terms of performance, compared with a Core i5 14600K with standardIHS and frame contact, temperatures drop dramatically. The CPU drops from 92.1°C to 77.3°C. Note that the processor was running at 5.6 GHz with a voltage of 1.4V on Cinebench R23. On the cooling side, an Alphacool Core 1 waterblock coupled to a Watercool MO-RA3 radiator was used.

All that remains is to mention the price of the solution: €44.90!