Glorious presents its Raptor switchers!


The Glorious PC Gaming Race brand offers us a little novelty: its Raptor switches. For some time now, the brand has been offering keyboards in addition to its mice. What makes them special? Hot-swappable switches. So it makes sense to offer in-house switches, which is already the case. The brand already offers its Lynx (linear) and Panda (touch) switches, developed in-house.

Raptor: clicky switches!

Glorious PC Gaming Race Raptor switches

With its new switch, the brand offers a tactile and audible sensation – clicky to its friends. However, the brand relies on a rather unusual mechanism, since it’s a metal rod that generates the audible click.

In terms of figures, we learn that 55g of pressure are required to activate the switch. The accentuation point is at 1.8 mm, while the total travel is 3.9 mm. Compared with Cherry MX Blue, which shares the same typing feel, it is therefore slightly more sensitive, while offering slightly shorter strokes.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Raptor switches

The brand’s construction is based on carefully selected materials. The upper part is made of transparent polycarbonate with a nylon base. The plunger is made from low-friction POM, while the contactor is galvanized for longer life. Finally, the switches are pre-lubricated.

The price is high, with the 36-pack priced at $34.99. The 72 switches are priced at $69.98, compared with $104.97 for the 108 units.

Click here for the Glorious product sheet!