Gigabyte prepares us RX 6800 Gaming OC Pro very big


Via VideoCardz in this issue we find the visual of new graphics cards in preparation at Gigabyte. The Taiwanese brand is currently working on RX 6800 Gaming OC Pro. Commonly, it is RX 6800 equipped with RX 6950 XT heatsink!

RX 6800 Gaming OC Pro: cards with RX 6900 heatsinks!

Gigabyte RX 6800 Gaming OC ProThe Gigabyte brand is preparing to launch new variants of its RX 6800. The cards will be available under the name Gaming Pro with a very large heatsink. Indeed, the card is now 33 cm long against 29 cm for the original models. But that’s not all, since they are also 1.5 cm higher.

Moreover, these models would reuse the same PCB as the RX 6950 XT of the brand… Or a derivative model. This translates into an auxiliary power connector based on three 8-pin PCIe. The same goes for the video outputs based on two DisplayPort and two HDMI.

Apparently, there would be no change in frequency compared to the original Gaming OC models. If this proves to be true, it will have to deal with a boost frequency of 2285 MHz.

RX 6800 XT Gaming OC Pro
You can clearly see the size difference!

Finally, what would be the point for Gigabyte to grow its RX 6800 so late? That’s right, the RX 7000 are already here and AMD might launch its RX 7800 soon after all. The most likely answer would be the recycling of PCBs and heatsinks. We imagine that the Taiwanese still has a large stock of these elements that must be recycled at some point.