Get involved, is recruiting!


You are passionate about hardware and you have some time to talk about it? It’s a good thing because we are looking for new contributors to participate in the life of the community. is looking for new talents 😉 recrute We are looking for someone with a good level of English, as you may have noticed that our sources are mainly English speaking. It is also preferable that you know how to express yourself correctly in French. But the most important thing is obviously passion, it allows to forgive everything.

You can also write on the site, make live shows, videos… Everything is possible.

Join the community

With time, it is possible that you will be brought to test material.

Please note that we are also looking for people of age and that this is a voluntary activity at the beginning. So don’t expect to get rich with this, at least materially.

So if you are motivated, if you want to be part of a nice team, don’t hesitate to contact us via the following form 😉

If you want to test the atmosphere before committing yourself 😉 & I’m going to the discord to see the atmosphere