GeIL launches Spear R5 and Pristine R5 RAM kits for servers!


The GeIL brand unveils new memory kits for server type uses. The company offers us its Spear R5 RAM kits as well as a more standard Pristine R5 series. In all cases, we feel that it is memory designed to run in conjunction with Xeon W-3400 and W-2400.

Spear R5 and Pristine R5: server memory from GeIL!

GeIL Spear R5With this RAM, the brand offers us modules with an aluminum heat sink. Moreover, we notice that they are rather compact since the heat sink does not protrude much from the PCB. In terms of frequencies, we learn that the kits will be able to reach 6800 MT/s while taking advantage of XMP 3.0 support. In terms of capacity, the RAM is available in 16GB to 32GB arrays with capacities up to 128GB.

On the other hand, the company highlights its Pristine R5 kits, it is about more standard sets. From what we can see, these run bare, without heat sink. As for the frequencies, they are between 4000 MT/s and 6000 MT/s with maximum capacities per module of 32 GB. Finally, this series has a very low voltage of 1.1V and a PCB with 30µ gold contacts, not to mention the presence of ECC.

Of course, no price yet.

Here is the GeIL datasheet!