Future Nvidia GPUs made by Intel?


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it’s a statement from Nvidia’s boss himself that puts a piece in the machine. When asked recently about Intel’s efforts and ambition to make chips for other companies as part of its IDM 2.0 initiative, Jensen simply said:“We’re very open to considering Intel ( as a manufacturer of future GPUs), and I’m excited about their efforts. So, will we see Nvidia GPUs made in Intel in the future?

Nvida GPU Intel
Jensen Huang and Pat Gelsinger

A statement that has something to surprise especially if we keep in mind the aggressive statements of the boss of Intel saying that his company will attack the graphics card market with the ambition to seriously shake Nvidia.

Nvidia / Intel: a simple comm’ exercise that suits both companies?

But Jensen Huang went further by explaining that the arrival of Intel in the field of foundry service was an opportunity for his company. “Our strategy is to expand our supply base with diversity and redundancy at every layer. At the chip level, at the substrate level , the system layer […] and Intel is a great partner for us […] They are interested in us using their foundries, and we are very interested in exploring that option.” Intel’s CEO also confirmed that the two companies were talking to each other on the subject. But be warned, while both companies confirm that discussions are underway, it’s not yet tomorrow that we’ll see an Intel-made RTX. The potential use of Intel as a foundry services partner would take a long time. Intel would first have to prove itself, while TSMC, the leader in this field, has been discussing and trading with nearly 300 different partners for years. A totally new logic for Intel, which is used to using its resources only for its own products. However, let’s not forget that on both sides, these mutual friendliness are only a communication exercise for the moment. On the one hand, Intel is trying to make its project credible and to find customers, on the other hand, Nvidia is trying to put pressure on the founders to avoid having to pay for the design / production of its next card.

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