Fury Beast: Kingston memory up to 5200 MT/s


We stay in RAM with an announcement from Kingston that launches its Fury Beast in DDR5. Nothing revolutionary as far as frequency is concerned, nevertheless, we have a refined heatsink, without RGB lighting. The ideal to mount a sober PC and not too flashy!

Fury Beast DDR5: 4800 MT/s and 5200 MT/s kits!

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5With its memory, Kingston puts forward very sober kits with some markings all the same. However, they will not be very bulky as evidenced by the limited height of their heatsink. In fact, the data sheet mentions 34.9 mm in height. The impact with an aircooling heatsink will therefore be limited. Also, there is no lighting, a good thing for those allergic to RGB.

Regarding their characteristics, Kingston offers 16GB kits in single channel. In dual channel, the capacities will go up to 32 GB, or 16 GB per strip. In terms of frequencies, we have something quite classic with 4800 MT/s and 5200 MT/s. In terms of timing, we are talking about CL38 and CL40 with voltages of 1.1V and 1.25V.

Finally, the price is not known and it is a pity, nevertheless, the brand announces a lifetime warranty.

Here is the technical data sheet of Kingston!