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Evo Mini: small micro-ATX enclosures from Aerocool!


Aerocool presents a new series of cases with its Evo Mini. These are compact models available in black and white. In the story, it will not be necessary to be too greedy on the size of the components, all would not risk to pass.

Evo Mini: do not be too greedy on the size of the components!

With this series, the brand offers us really compact cases with dimensions of 195 (W) x 385.4 (H) x 314.8 (D) mm. The weight should also be very contained considering the thickness of the steel used: 0.5 mm.

Inside, we have the space to install a mini-ITX or micro-ATX motherboard. However, beware of the width of the card, if it is 244 mm, it will occupy the entire tray of the motherboard. The passage of cables may be complicated afterwards.

The same applies to graphics cards and CPU fans. Respectively, these components are limited to 260 mm for one, 156 mm for the other. On the power supply side, these models support ATX format blocks. As for storage, two 3.5″ slots are included. They can be replaced by four 2.5″ slots.

Concerning the ventilation, same observation, we are quite limited with only two slots in 120 mm. One is present at the front of the case when the second takes place at the back. Obviously, this greatly limits the size of the watercooling radiators: 120 mm maximum.

For the moment Aerocool does not announce the price of its cases. On the other hand, needless to say that they will remain affordable. According to us, they should not exceed 50 euros. Enough to build small aesthetic office machines.

Here is the technical sheet of Aerocool!

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