Dynatron announces its L35, an AIO of 240 mm x 80 mm!


Small novelty at Dynatron which announces a new AIO watercooling type heatsink. The brand unveils its L35, a watercooling kit in 240 mm … by 80 mm! We find an original solution equipped with a heatsink that can accommodate up to six 80 mm fans. It’s original, but it must be said that it must be integrated in 2U rack server type cases!

L35: a Dynatron AIO in 240 x 80 mm!

Dynatron AIO L35The solution proposed by Dynatron is, for the blow, original. It puts forward a 240 x 80 mm radiator on which we find three 80 mm fans. It is also thick, with a height of 44 mm. The goal is to maximize the exchange surface in a small space.

As a server domain, these fans are very efficient! At 100% PWM signal, they will operate at 8000 rpm while generating an air flow of 115.61 CFM and a static pressure of 34.06 mmH2O. Clearly, noise here is not a priority since the data sheet mentions a sound level of 64.4 dBA at full speed.

Unfortunately, we have no information related to the pump. We don’t know how fast it will run or what its flow rate or water column will be. However, we do know that it is located at the radiator.

Finally, this set is intended to cool the processor at socket LGA-115x/1200/1366/1700/200 and AMD AM2/AM3/AM4/AM5/FMx. Moreover, the brand announces that the kit will be able to cool thermal envelopes of 250W!

Here is the technical data sheet of Dynatron!