DeepCool unveils new AIOs with the LE series!


In addition to new enclosures, DeepCool is offering a new batch of all-in-one watercooling kits with its LE series. These new kits are based on the LS series design, but in black.

LE Series: what’s new?

With its new series, DeepCool now offers 240 mm and 360 mm kits.

DeepCool LE720 - LE Series

There’s no change in radiator size, but the pump is bigger. Opposite the LS series, the pump has increased in size from 86 (W) x 74 (D) x 57 (H) mm to 91 (W) x 80 (D) x 52 (H) mm. Likewise, the display has changed from metallic grey to black. The other change we note relates to speed, which is also slower, at 2400 rpm for 240 mm and 2550 rpm for 360 mm, compared with 3100 rpm for the other series.

Otherwise, there’s no change on the ventilation side, with the presence of two or three aRGB-illuminated mills in 120 mm. The speed range extends from 500 rpm to 2250 rpm, with a maximum airflow of 85.85 CFM and a static pressure of 3.27 mmAq.

DeepCool LE520 - LE Series

Finally, this series is aimed at the entry-level sector, as confirmed by the sales prices. The LE520 is priced at €79.99, compared with €99.99 for the LE720! Availability is scheduled for July!