DeepCool exhibited PX-P and PX-G power supplies at CES


CES is over since a few days now, but the news from the show keep coming… Let’s say it’s time for everything to settle down. In short, during the show, the brand, in addition to fans, cases and AIOs, exhibited power supplies. And on this subject, we found the PX-P and PX-G blocks!

PX-P and AX-G: 80+ Platinum and Gold power supplies with 12VHPWR connector !

DeepCool PX-P et PX-GOn the program, we find two series of power supplies, one, certified 80+ Platinum, the second, in 80+ Gold. Nevertheless, the most important powers will be available with the Platinum series which offers two versions: one of 1000W and a second of 1300W. On the other hand, the 80+ Gold models are available in 850W, 1000W and 1200W power supplies.

In all cases, these models have a 12VHPWR connector capable of delivering 600W of power on its own. Moreover, the blocks will be able to provide 200% of their power in a short period of time.

In addition to all this, a number of PCIe 6+2 pins. We’re talking about five connectors in the case of the Platinum models versus three for the Gold versions. Finally, the ventilation is provided by a 135 mm mill for the PX-G against a 120 mm model with a fluid-dynamic bearing for the Platinum series.