Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, watch out for the heat!


After the calamity that is Starfield, it’s time for something a little fresher with Cyberpunk 2077 and its expansion: Phantom Liberty… Well, more precisely, the patch that will accompany the expansion, 2.0. CD Projekt Red has announced that it is working on support for 8-core processors. This time, you don’t need any “tricky” manipulations to hope that the game will take better advantage of your processor’s cores. Clearly, things are about to get hot!

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, get your cooling ready!

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Roughly speaking, one of the guys from CD Projekt took to Twitter to point out that the game is going to put PCs to the test. If up until now, the game didn’t put much of a strain on your processor’s threads, this will no longer be the case. Indeed, Filip Pierściński indicates that an 8-core CPU will see its utilization rise to 90%. Clearly, this is likely to generate high power consumption and heat generation. Before jumping in, he advises users to run Cinebench to check your system’s stability.

The other good news is that the game will naturally support a large number of threads on the CPU. So no need to modify the game executable via a hex editor to force the game to take advantage of your CPU… A technique that can sometimes produce random results.

Nevertheless, Filip seems to recommend the use of 8-core CPUs. According to his publications, beyond that, with 12-core processors, Ryzen 9 5900X for example, it’s best to disable hyperthreading. From what we understand, with 16 threads you’re good.

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