CryoFuze 5: thermal paste for colorful AI!


At Cooler Master China, they seem to do without the dinginess. The brand unveils a new thermal paste, CryoFuze 5. What makes it special? It comes in a range of colors, and is advertised as ” AI Competitive ” ¯_ (ツ)_/¯.

CryoFuze 5: colorful thermal paste from Cooler Master China!

CryoFuze 5

We can’t quite figure out what’s behind this paste. In fact, it plays on the fact that it’s colored, obviously in six shades: green, yellow, red, blue, white and black. While this may sound like fun, it’s clearly the most pointless thing in the world. Once the heatsink has been mounted on the GPU/CPU, you can’t see it anymore.

In spite of everything, the paste looks rather efficient, with a thermal conductivity of 12.6W/mk. On paper, it’s on a par with Thermal Grizzly’s Kryonaut. Otherwise, it’s a paste designed to operate over a temperature range from -50°C to 240°C.

The other term not explained is ” AI Competitive “. Behind that, it smells of marketing trying to sell syringes by riding the current wave of artificial intelligence. I mean, if the basic product is good, where’s the crime as long as the price doesn’t explode.