Core i5-12490F: Chinese variant


Here is a surprising information that fell in the middle of the “crazy” opening day of CES. Intel would release a specific Core i5 model for the Chinese market: the i5-12490f.

This i5-12490F would have 6 cores and 12 threads with a base frequency of 3.0 GHz and a boost to 4.6 GHz…So what we find on the Core i5-12500. So we could say that this i5 intended for the Chinese market is only a renaming but we note however differences and they are not negligible. First of all we are in the presence of an F CPU, that is to say without graphics part, which is absolutely not the case of i5-12500. Last but not least, the Core i5-12490F has more L3 cache than the 12500 (20 MB against 18 MB). i5-12490f If we do some conversion between the Chinese currency and our euros, this 12490F would be positioned at 20-30€ above a 12400F On the other hand, if you have followed Intel’s announcements concerning the rest of its Alder Lake range, you will not find any trace of this i5-12490F. Another element confirming that this reference will be, at least initially, only reserved for the Chinese market.

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