[Computex] The future NH-D15 G2 on the Noctua stand!


If the NH-D15 G2 was constantly postponed, here it is on the Noctua stand at Computex. At the same time, according to the brand’s latest roadmap, it’s due to arrive in the second quarter of 2024… So this month at the latest!

NH-D15 G2: a price of $150!!!

Noctua NH-D15 G2
Source : Wcctech

As you can see, Noctua’s future high-end CPU cooler is massive and features two new-generation 140×150 mm fans. The radiator features two large fin stacks, each crossed by a total of eight 6 mm copper heat pipes. Of course, the base, the part coming into contact with the processor, is made of copper and is nickel-plated to boot.

However, to improve the performance of its CPU cooler, the Austrian brand has increased the density of the fins. Fin spacing has been increased from 1.9 mm to 1.6 mm, representing a 20% increase in heat dissipation area. The number of heat pipes has also been increased, from 6 to 8.

As for the price, we learn that it has risen to $150. The company defends itself by indicating that this price is justified by the new fans, but also by the R&D put in place for the development of this heatsink.

Three versions are expected, with different basic shapes: G2 (standard), G2 LBC (slightly convex base), G2 HBC (highly convex base). This refers to the different shapes of processor IHSs, which are not always perfectly flat. This is where you’ll be able to choose a suitable cooler offering optimum compactness with your CPU.