[Computex] Cooler Master presents a 57-inch dual 4K display


The Cooler Master GP57ZS is the new 57-inch curved monitor designed to deliver a totally immersive visual experience. In terms of resolution and the advanced term Dual 4K, what we have here is a screen that will be able to display 7680 x 2160 pixels. Given its size, 57″, you’ll have noticed that the monitor features a relatively extreme curvature (1000R).

Cooler Master GP57ZS 57 pouces

This leads us to believe that Cooler Master is using the same 57″ panel as the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. In other words, a VA-type panel capable of covering 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, with backlighting based on Quantum Mini-LED technology. The result should be a refresh rate of 240 Hz, HDR 1000 certification and a response time of 1 ms.

Cooler Master 57

For the moment, the manufacturer has provided little information on this reference. The design of the GP57ZS is sleek and modern. With its minimalist chassis and sturdy construction, the screen should fit neatly on any desk (albeit a large one).

At the show, Cooler Master claims to have focused on ergonomics, allowing users to easily adjust the monitor to find the perfect viewing angle, which is crucial for long hours of use. If it doesn’t fit on the desk, it can also be fitted to the Sim Racing chassis developed by the brand and now on sale.

GP57ZS 57 pouces Cooler Master

There’s still the question of price: at the moment, we’re talking in excess of $2,000