[Computex] An Assassin 4 with steam chamber from DeepCool


Among the new products presented by DeepCool, we’d like to highlight the Assassin 4 VC Vision. In fact, we’re talking about a version with a steam chamber and digital display on top!

Assassin 4 VC Vision: a model to rival the NH-D15 G2!

DeepCool Assassin 4 VC VisionAt the show, DeepCool is exhibiting a new variant of its Assassin 4. For this upgrade, the brand is equipping it with a digital display on top of the CPU cooler. This will highlight key system data: CPU temperature, CPU usage, power consumption, frequency, etc. However, its integration risks increasing the height of the CPU cooler. In fact, it creates an extra thickness, as can be seen in other photos shared by the brand.

DeepCool Assassin 4 VC Vision

The other new feature of this model is its new base. To improve cooling performance, DeepCool has replaced the nickel-plated copper base of the original model with a steam chamber. This increases official power dissipation by 20W, from 280W to 300W. It remains to be seen what this means in practice.

For the moment, no price or launch date is known. Bear in mind, however, that the Assassin IV is a high-end cooler currently selling for just over €100!