[Computex] AMD presents its W7900DS, a dual-slot version!


With Computex set to open its doors tomorrow, we’ve already had a few announcements from AMD. Of course, the new Ryzens take center stage among the reds. However, the pro sector now benefits from a new graphics card, the W7900DS. A new slim version of the RADEON Pro W7900. This model was leaked last week.

W7900DS: a dual-slot version to put more into PCs!

AMD RADEON W7900DSIn itself, the card offers no change in configuration. This version benefits from a full Navi 31 GPU with 6144 stream processors. The same applies to VRAM, with 48 GB GDDR6. In fact, we’re talking about a professionalized RX 7900 XTX with twice as much memory and driver support dedicated to pro software.

The only big change is the dual-slot format – DS stands for ” Dual Slot “. The aim is simple: to refine the card so as to install several of them more easily in a configuration. We’re of course thinking of AI, as this is a sector that’s very much in the news at the moment. However, we mustn’t forget the other sectors: 3D modeling, video encoding, etc.

Clearly, the price has come down, as the official retail price is $3,499, compared with $3,999 for the original card. However, no changes in performance or frequency have been announced.