[Computex] AMD announces that the AM5 will last until 2027!


A quick look back at AMD’s Computex conference, and more specifically at its AM5 platform. The company announced a long support life for its platform, confirming that it will last until at least 2027!

AM5: it’s going to last until 2027!

AM5 suupportClearly, when you choose an AMD motherboard, you’re opting for long-term support. This was already the case with the AM4, which saw the light of day in 2017 with the arrival of the very first Ryzens (and continues to see new ones). As a reminder, these processors literally saved AMD. Then, as the generations went by, new chipsetswere launched, offering support for moreUSB, PCIe lines and so on. But the sockets remained the same.

So it’s true that, at one time, there was quite a debate as to whether all AM4 CPUs would be supported on the first generations of motherboards. But by sacrificing support for certain CPUs, you can mount a Ryzen 5000 on a first-generation board.

For the AM5, things are repeating themselves with a company that sees the long term. The company’s platform will benefit from extended support, at least until 2027, enough to see several generations of CPUs. The good news is the savings for private customers. With a current 600 series card, you can install a latest-generation Ryzen by updating the bios.

That’s a change from the Intel cards that have to be changed every two processor generations… Let’s say three, since LGA-1700 has seen the 12th, 13th and 14th generations… Although the 14th is just a refresh of the 13th without any new features.