[Computex 2023] What’s new from Phanteks!


Like any self-respecting brand, Phanteks is at the Computex trade show in Taipei. Naturally, the company is showcasing its new products, which can be found in stories on its instagram account. Here’s a quick tour of the brand’s shared images!

Phanteks, the new casings :

Phanteks boîtier NV5 - NV9 - Enthoo Pro IIPhanteks has two new models from the NV series. These are the NV7 and NV9, which complement the already-released NV7. From what we can see, the NV7 occupies the “small size” segment, while the NV9 seems to be positioned in the large case sector. Of course, as you can see, cooling options are numerous, with the possibility of installing one or more 360 mm radiators… Not to mention the numerous fan slots available.

In addition to this NV series, the brand is reviving its old Enthoo series with the Enthoo Pro II Server Edition. From what we can see, this case is capable of accommodating very large motherboards (presented with a dual-socket model) and numerous graphics cards. In addition, it omits the power supply cover , focusing instead on powerful ventilation. A case clearly suited to workstations.

Cooling :

Phanteks Glacier One D30 - D30 140The other main focus is on cooling, with the announcement of new AIO watercooling kits and fans. For AIOs, we’ll note the appearance of the Glacier One D30 Series in 240 mm and 360 mm. The latter seem to use a similar base to the Glacier One T30 V2. However, the pump design is different, with a stronger emphasis on RGB, and of course the fans are different too, since they are the D30-120s already presented here here.

On the other hand, still linked to the D30 fans, the brand offers a 140 mm version. All that remains now is to see what characteristics will be announced.

And a little modding:

Phanteks Premium GPU bracket - CablemodLast but not least, the company has unveiled a new vertical support for graphics cards. The latter seems to feature the GPU at an incline of ~45° to show it off to best advantage. It remains to be seen whether the inclination can be chosen or whether it is locked.

On the other hand, in partnership with the company Cablemod, Phanteks is turning up the heat on strand-by-strand sheathed cables. Several colors will of course be offered, and all will be designed for the brand’s blocks.