[Computex 2023] Cooler Master MasterLoop : custom watercooling?


While we’re used to finding Cooler Master on AIO (All In One) cooling systems, a few photos taken by our Tom’sHardware colleagues on the brand’s stand suggest that Cooler Master is entering the world of custom watercooling with the “MasterLoop” series. By custom watercooling, we mean the possibility offered by a manufacturer to independently purchase the parts needed to design your own liquid cooling loop.

Cooler Master’s “MasterLoop” series no longer appears to be at the prototype stage, since it includes all the components needed to design a liquid cooling loop. We’ve seen photos of waterblocks for the processor, waterblocks for the graphics card, pump/reservoir combo, end caps and radiators, all in the spirit of Cooler Master design. This could be a very interesting series, with Cooler Master joining Corsair in creating a range of products for customliquid cooling enthusiasts.

We don’t yet know when and at what price the various components will be available, but one thing’s for sure: we’ll be keeping a close eye on any information concerning this future Cooler Master “MasterLoop” series.