Chopin Max : an absolutely mini PC case from In Win !


In Win announces a new PC case, however, the brand proposes an extremely compact model dedicated to ITX configurations. To get an idea of the size, there is not even enough room to put a dedicated GPU!

Chopin Max : a case for multimedia PC in ITX!

In Win Chopin MaxIf you are familiar with the series, you probably know that we are dealing with an ultra compact case. Unfortunately, the data sheet is not yet online on the brand’s website. However, if In Win keeps the dimensions of its previous models, we should have 84 (W) x 217 (D) x 244 (H) mm. In any case, the announced volume is 3.3 l. In short, in so little space, impossible to install a dedicated graphics card. To get the picture, you will have to turn to a Ryzen G from AMD or a Core i from Intel with a graphics part. The same goes for the CPU heatsinks, which should not exceed 54 mm in height. As far as storage is concerned, we will have the right to two 2.5″ slots, which is sufficient. Just with two units (SSD or HDD) we can go up to several TB… And that’s without counting the M.2 slots present on the motherboard. Finally, given the particular format of this Chopin Max, the brand provides the power supply, a model of 200W certified 80+ Gold. Finally, what are the changes with the other versions? Simply, the control panel has been modernized. It now hosts a USB 3.2 Gen2 type C port in addition to two USB 3.0 type A. At the moment, we still don’t know the selling price or the launch date.

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