Cardea Z440 TUF: a Teamgroup SSD featuring the TUF series from Asus!


Teamgroup offers us a new SSD in partnership with the brand Asus. With its T-Force Cardea Z440 TUF, the Asian brand announces a new SSD featuring the Asus TUF series. A complete ecosystem if we take into account the cases, the RAM, the CPU coolers already existing.

Cardea Z440 TUF : a SSD with the image of the Asus series !

Teamgroup T-Force Cardea Z440 Tuf The first thing you notice with this SSD is its imposing aluminum heatsink. The brand communicates on its efficiency by stating that it allows a 48% temperature reduction. Be careful where you install it, between two PCIe slots, it can cause problems with the graphics card. Apart from that, we notice the presence of marking “TUF Gaming Alliance” and yellow edging on the top.

In terms of characteristics, we have a fairly classic model since it comes with a single capacity of 1 TB. Otherwise, we can count on a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface as well as sequential speeds of 5000 MB/s in reading and 4400 MB/s in writing. In random, the figures mention 750k IOPS in reading and writing.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet its selling price. However, we know that the warranty will be 5 years.

This way to the Teamgroup datasheet!

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