BOE presents the first 16K display!


At Display Week 2023, BOE exhibited the world’s first 16K display. The screen in question boasted an absolutely colossal datasheet, with a diagonal of 110″ and a resolution of 15360×8640 pixels!

16K: BOE’s first screen on show!

BOE 16KWith this screen, BOE presented its first model with a 16K 15360×8640 resolution. To give you an idea of the resolution, that’s the equivalent of sixteen current UHD screens in 4×4! As for the size of the slab, the diagonal was 110″, or around 2.8 m!

And while the dimensions and resolution are colossal, the rest of the specification sheet is a little less so. Indeed, the maximum brightness is 400 nits, with a contrast ratio of 1200:1. As for refresh rate, we’re treated to a classic 60 Hz. Nevertheless, coverage of the DCI-P3 range is announced at 99%.

On the other hand, being up against such a monster must be “quite something”. According to Vicent Teoh, the pixel density is such that even when you’re up close, you can’t tell one from the other!

Now, that’s still a feat, and we’ll have to wait a long time before seeing them democratized… Already, 8K models are still anecdotal, and 16K is clearly not for tomorrow… Even less so for gaming, given the power of today’s graphics cards. We also wonder about the power consumption of such a monster. That’s right, at the end of 2022 we learned that 8K TVs/monitors could be banned from the EU. The cause? The possible validation of the new EEI scale, which deems these devices to be too energy-hungry.

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Clearly, not all EU member states have agreed with each other… Or have manufacturers found a way around the new standards via eco modes, since 8K TVs are still on sale today?