Blackwidow V4: and two keyboards for Razer


Razer is updating one of its famous keyboards. In fact, the snake brand is announcing its Blackwindow V4 as well as the V4 X. The two models are very similar, but there are a few differences!

The Blackwidow V4, the most complete model!

Razer Blackwindow V4

With this model, the brand offers us a full-size keyboard, with all its keys. There’s even a column of six keys dedicated to macros, fully configurable.

Of course, this is a mechanical keyboard with yellow and green switches. Internally, Razer says it uses noise-isolating foam and lubricated stabilizer bars. Normally, the noise it generates shouldn’t be too unpleasant. And last but not least, this keyboard features the hyper-polling rate at 8000 Hz.

Finally, we’d like to mention the presence of aRGB key-by-key lighting with two additional side zones. Likewise, it is graced with a polyurethane-coated magnetic wrist rest.

The V4 X, a more lite model!

Razer Blackwindow V4 XThis “lite” version has the same basic functions as the V4. We still have the six macro buttons, the multi-function thumbwheel and the double-shot ABS keycaps . On the other hand, we notice the absence of the wrist rest and RGB strips on the sides. Likewise, under the thumbwheel, the beautifully crafted buttons are replaced by all-boat LEDs.


Razer has officially positioned its keyboard at €189.99, compared with €149.99 for the V4 X. Available now for purchase!

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