Big Chungus Hench: new case for the Chungus series at Kolink


A little tour at Kolink which announces the arrival of new cases. On the program, we find the Big Chungus Hench and Big Chungus and Big Chungus Shredded. In this brief, we will focus on the first case.

Big Chungus Hench: an aggressive look for the Kolink case!

Kolink Chungus HenchWith this new case, the brand offers us a rather imposing reference with dimensions of 230 (W) x 640 (D) x 525 (H) mm. It is surprisingly light for a model with such dimensions: 8.6 kg.

Inside, we have room to install motherboards in ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX formats. Like the Conquer from Cougar the card will be installed at an angle inside. A little touch that we find original.

Otherwise, this model will be able to accommodate up to three storage units: 2x 2.5″ and 1x 3.5″. As for the rest of the components, the graphics card will be able to measure up to 31 cm in length, the heatsink, 165 mm in height and the power supply 200 mm in depth. Regarding the watercooling, we only have a compatibility with 240 mm radiators.

In terms of cooling, the brand puts forward, two slots in 120 mm in the top, front and also at the rear. Basically, the case, comes with two mills in 120 mm Umbra RGB at the front and rear.

For the moment, no availability at our French retailers… nevertheless, it would not be long, the time that the stores constitute their stock. As for the price, the brand announces its case at a rate of 199.90 €.

Here is the technical data sheet of Kolink !