ASUS enters the high-end SSD market


The time is long gone when Asus was just an Asian card manufacturer. The company has been able to diversify and above all, to make a really spectacular move upmarket. Its “sub-brand” ROG is a perfect example. But in the “components” portfolio of the brand, some things were still missing. The SSD in particular, while Gigabyte and MSI have been offering their solutions for some time. But all that should change soon since a leak ofmarketing elements allows us to understand a little better how Asus will try to settle on this market. Because we have to consider that the PCIe NVMe Gen 4 SSD market is very saturated and that customers are not waiting for Asus in particular to buy an SSD, especially right now.

Asus SSD Rog Strix Its first future SSD series will be branded ROG STRIX SQ7 and it seems that there will be several range segments going like the SQ7, SQ5 and SQ3. It is obviously the pricing policy of Asus that will also make the difference. It should be noted that within its “components” portfolio, Asus products such as AIOs, power supplies and others have a rather high-end price positioning. SSDs should not escape the rule. For the moment, we don’t know anything about the characteristics of the first Asus SSD except maybe that it will be compatible with the PS5. But we don’t know anything about its performance in sequential read or sequential write and even less about the type of NAND Flash chips or the manufacturer of the controllers that will be used. Because it is probably not Asus itself that will manufacture its range of SSDs…

i9-13900KS incoming