Arc A380 MXM, the Intel board in laptop format!


Intel’s graphics cards continue to be the talk of the town. This time, it’s Twitter and the MEGAsizeGPU account that shares pictures of an A380 in a very special format. Indeed, we find the Arc A380 MXM, a graphics card in a format designed for laptops!

Arc A380 MXM: a card designed for laptops!

Intel Arc A380 MXMOn the menu, we find a very small additional card to slip into a laptop . Be careful though, not all PCs are equipped with a female MXM port to accommodate this type of solution. Very often, this concerns high-end laptops.

Anyway, in the center, we find our GPU, an ACM-G11, the chip of the A380. The latter is surrounded by a total of three memory chips in GDDR6. The card has a total of 6 GB of VRAM based on a 96-bit bus. As for the memory frequency, it shows 15.5 Gbps. Given the environment for which the card is intended, the power consumption limit is 50W, although it can draw up to 75W.

Finally, this module is in MXM 3.1 Type A format, which implies dimensions of 70 mm x 82 mm and the whole thing can exploit a PCIe 4.0 x8 interface. As for the video outputs, this module gives access to three HDMI and one DisplayPort.

All that remains is to know the price, and we must admit that we are curious. As a reminder, an A380 desktop customized by ASRock, it is between 200 € and 210 €.