Arc A380 Index: Gunnir offers a new custom Intel board


The Chinese brand Gunnir launches a second custom model of Intel graphics card. This time, we find the small Arc A380 Index, a card more modest than the first model. First of all, there is no factory overclocking!

Arc A380 Index: a second Gunnir card without overclocking!

Gunnir Arc A380 IndexWith this new card, the brand offers us a new customized model with a design, let’s say, neat! This model arrives in a dual slot format while being equipped with two fans. Nevertheless, the radiator seems to bet on simplicity: a block of aluminum in which are machined fins. No need for more since the TDP of the GPU is 75W.

Moreover, we also notice that the card has no auxiliary power connector. The power supply will be done only via the PCIe x16 slot of the card.

Gunnir Arc A380 Index As we said, this model is more modest than the first card released by the brand. Indeed, there is no factory overclocking, this reference running at factory frequencies. This translates into a GPU running at 2000MHz as opposed to 2450MHz in boost. As for the memory, the 6 GB of GDDR6 have 15.5Gbps.

Finally, for the price, it will take 1199 RMB ($172) against 1299 RMB ($186) for the Photon version, the first card of the brand based on this GPU.