An RX 6300 spotted on a Chinese sales site!


On the online sales site Goofish, we can lay our eyes on a small RX 6300. The only problem is that the card has not yet been announced by AMD… Even for the OEM environment. Ah, regarding the characteristics, we are before in the field of rumor, the tweezers are required.

RX 6300 desktop, an RX 6300M with a bigger TBP!

RX 6300 With this card, we find a very small model in PCIe format in half-height. As you can see, this model does not have an auxiliary power connector and only offers two video outputs. The heatsink is also very basic: a small fan mounted on a block of aluminum with coarse fins machined into it. A typical entry-level card!

As for the characteristics, obviously, this model is based on a Navi 24 GPU. The latter would contain 768 stream processors, like the RX 6400. However, even if the card has VRAM in GDDR6 faster than the 6400 (16 Gbps against 14 Gbps), the latter is based on a memory bus half as wide. In fact, we go from a 64-bit bus to 32 bits on this 6300. This contributes to offer a memory bandwidth of 64 Gb/s against 112 Gb/s… In addition to having only 2 GB of memory.

Finally, compared to the RX 6300M, the main difference is the TBP, which is 32W. On the mobile version, this TBP goes up to 25W.

Anyway, the card is on sale on Goofish at a price of 399 yuan, or about sixty dollars after conversion!