Alucia H4 : an Akasa ventilator mastering 5950X or i7 12700K !


We continue with the brand Akasa which announces the arrival of a new heatsink. Indeed, the brand unveils its Alucia H4, a single-tower 120mm cooler. The brand announces that it is capable of cooling Ryzen 9 5950X or Core i7 12700!

Alucia H4 : a fan with high TDP !

Akasa Alucia H4 With this new model, the Akasa brand announces a rather aesthetic fan. The heat sink itself has heatpipes and fins entirely black for a sober look. The fan also combines black with touches of blue on the blades and silent blocks. In short, it’s quite nice.

Regarding its dimensions, we have a product with a single tower format rather compact. It has dimensions of 120 (W) x 96 (D) x 154 (H) mm and a weight of 672g. This model also embeds a total of four copper heat pipes of 6 mm each. They will come into direct contact with the CPU at the base.

The ventilation benefits from a single fan in 120 mm powered by PWM. Moreover, this model has a rotation range between 500 RPM and 2000 RPM. At full speed, the airflow will be 56.3 CFM and the static pressure of 1.94 mmH2O.

Finally, this set is capable of keeping CPUs with a TDP of 185W cool… A little doubt about this, as four heatpipes and the 120 mm format seem to us to be a bit light for this type of large CPU that gobbles up large amounts of watts when they come on line.

Anyway, let’s finish with the selling price which is affordable since it is 35,99 €.

This way to the Akasa datasheet !

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