Alphacool puts the RTX 4070 Ti under water with its waterblock!


As soon as a new graphics card is released, the manufacturers of watercooling parts offer a waterblock adapted to the card. This is notably the case of Alphacool which puts the RTX 4070 Ti under water… At least, the cards with reference PCB.

RTX 4070 Ti: an Alphacool waterblock adapted to the card!

Alphacool Eisblock RTX 4070 TiWe won’t draw you a picture, but this new block has a full cover design. It will cover the entire PCB of the board on which it is mounted. Moreover, this allows it to actively cool the GPU, the memory and the power supply stages of the latter.

Aesthetically, there is not much to complain about, the block is visually clean with its acrylic top. The brand announces that the aesthetic side is also more subtle thanks to the use of a single seal.

Anyway, out of that, know that we find a chrome-plated copper base. According to Alphacool, chrome is more resistant than nickel. At the level of the GPU, we find a network of copper micro-fins of 0.4 mm spaced from each other of 0.4 mm. Finally, for the connection to the rest of the loop, we have four G1/4″ threads.

For the price, it will be necessary to count approximately 159,98 €. Note that at this price, the backplate is included!

This way to the Alphacool datasheet!