Alpha Series: a series of three AIOs from Zalman in black and white!


On the agenda at Zalman: the launch of a new series of all-in-one watercooling kits. The brand unveils its Alpha Series range including three references. Each model will be available in white or black!

Alpha Series : new AIO from Zalman !

Zalman Alpha Series With this new series, the brand offers us three AIO with three different sizes of radiator. We have a large model in 360 mm, an intermediate version in 280 and a small version in 240 mm.

However, the brand innovates with an in-house designed pump offering three independent paths for the liquid. According to Zalman, this avoids overloading the pump and therefore improves its performance. Otherwise, a copper base is present with 0.15 mm micro fins. Next to that, the radiator remains quite classic, in aluminum.

For cooling, we find a total of two or three fans. In 120 mm, the mills will turn from 500 RPM to 1800 RPM generating a static pressure of 1.9 mmH2O. In 140 mm, they will be a little slower: 1600 RPM max and the static pressure will be a little lower: 1.7 mmH2O.

Finally, as far as mounting is concerned, the pump will go on AM4, LGA-1700, LGA-1200 and LGA-2000 CPUs.

Unfortunately, no price has been communicated for the moment.

Here are the technical data sheets of Zalman !

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