A770 & A750 : ASRock customs cards cards


ASRock seems to want to be a major partner of Intel in the production of custom GPUs. Indeed, since the first Arc card launches, often, as soon as we have to talk about a custom card, we turn to the brand. With the A770 and A750, the company is back in the news with custom Challenger and Phantom Gaming versions!

A770 & A750: Phantom Gaming and Challenger models !

Intel Arc A770 Phantom Gaming
The Phantom Gaming version

With its Phantom Gaming, ASRock offers a rather imposing card, occupying 2.5 slots in a case. This model is quite long since its heatsink has a total of three fans. Beware of the space available in your case. Otherwise, this version is rather worked with the presence of a central RGB fan. We can also see a heatsink made of two stacks of aluminum fins with heat pipes. A backplate is also present, but we do not know yet if it will help cooling or not.

Intel Arc A750 Challenger
The Challenger model

The Challenger version is wiser as it only has two fans and is thinner. Nevertheless, three slots will be obstructed in your PC (2,2). On this card, we notice a double stack of aluminum fins as well as heat pipes. Here, the backplate is present, but it only covers the PCB.

The models are already available on Newegg at prices of $289.99 €(A750) and $329.99 (A770).