12V-2×6, FSP power supplies adopt this new connector!


FSP announces the latest version of the 12VHPWR, the 12V-2×6. The latter promises to be far more secure than the original 12VHPWR, preventing graphics cards from bursting in use. For the time being, only three series will adopt this version!

12V-2×6: FSP power supplies compatible!


As a reminder, the 12V-2×6 is a connector derived from the 12VHPWR. It is designed to be more secure, thanks to the use of shorter signal pins. So, if the connector isn’t pushed in properly, contact won’t be made at these pins. And if there’s no contact, the PC won’t boot, so there’s no risk of burning out a component.

And don’t worry, this connector is perfectly compatible with 12VHPWR. So there’s no need to worry about whether your card will be compatible or not. It won’t make any difference to you, you’ll just have to make sure that the plug is properly inserted. By the way, NVIDIA is already using this new-generation connector on some of its graphics cards.

Incidentally, the other advantage of this connector is that it supports more power supply modes. Here, 150W and 300W are allowed, something impossible with the original connector, which only worked with 450W and 600W.

What about compatible FSP power supplies?

FSP will be offering three ranges compatible with this connector. These are the Hydro G Pro, Hydro PTM X Pro and Dagger Pro ATX 3.0 series. To find out whether the blocks support it, it’s simple: the name of the connector must appear in the part number. If so, you’re all set.

FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200W
The 1200W Hydro PTM Pro shown here

The Dagger Pro series is the brand’s range of SFX-format power supplies. The model in question boasts 850W of power, modular cable management and an ideal format for ITX PCs.

As for the Hydro G Pro and Hydro PTM X Pro, these are ATX power supplies, some of them quite imposing. Power ratings quoted are 1200W for the Hydro G Pro and 1000W and 1200W for the PTM X Pro series. Finally, ventilation will be semi-passive, provided by a 120 mm fan.

All that remains is to find out when the blocks will be released and, above all, at what price!